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6 / 10

Out On Bond



22 songs, 11 min

Hip Hop, Trap

Out On Bond is a Surprise EP from BabyTron, it's a very short EP too. The first thing to mention is the cover, the cover is a editied picture of BabyTron's mugshot with a Mario hat and mustache. The mugshot was from BabyTron being arrested in Michigan for speeding and possession of controlled substances.

Due to the small tracklist, there is not really much to say from this EP, aside from that it's fine. My most favorite track is the last track being Overthinking. The track I hated the most was Long Nights, the claps throughout the entire beat and the more than a minute of silence in the end made it not it.

So, my general rating for this EP is above average. There is not enough tracks to give it a better rating for that, and the EP is pretty much irrelevant because of Yeat's "AftërLyfe" releasing the same day.

# Title Runtime
1 Out On Bond 1:20
2 AZ2 2:40
3 Long Nights (ft. Certified Trapper) 3:07
4 Ice Spice 2:35
5 Overthinking 2:12