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8 / 10

Censori Overload

Kanye West


2 min 5 sec


Someday We'll All Be Free is a single Kanye West posted on his Instagram, which is deleted as of now. Since he posted it, it's technically official enough. This song was posted after some interesting remarks that Kanye have said. Since the song was deleted from Instagram, I do not have any links for the song. The most you can do is look for it on YouTube or something.

The prominet sample played during the entire song is from "Someday We'll All Be Free" by Donny Hathaway. It's also the same sample that is used in Jay-Z's "Legacy" on 4:44. In my personal opinion, it's a good track. Kanye has not dropped any solo work since Donda (Donda 2 does not count). While it's not a forgive-kanye-for-his-antisemetic-remarks good, it's a ill-think-about-defending-kanye-again good.

Though I have little knowledge on what is this track about, I believe is a song about Kanye talking about his ex-wife Kim Kardasian, as the track opens to Kanye saying “Wakin’ up to "I can’t do this anymore" texts”. Later in the track, he later raps about headlines that he was involved in, and mentions his now infamous "deathcon 3" tweet on his now suspended Twitter.

Nearing the end of the track, it includes a sample of his recent inverview with Alex Jones, where he said he liked a certain leader during World War 2, though it gets cuts off.

All around, I think this track is good, while I can barely hear what he's saying. Despite of the recent events about Kanye, it's still a good track. Guess i'll have to learn how to separate the art from the artist.