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9.5 / 10


Frank Ocean


17 songs, 1 hr

R&B, Soul

Blonde is Frank Ocean's 2nd studio album. It's my most favorite album from Frank Ocean, although there's only 2 albums and a single mixtape from him. It's only one of the few albums that I consider "perfect", or well almost perfect.

In my opinion, the weakest track in Blonde is Futura Free, I know it's a track for just for himself, since none of us relate to what was told in the song, but it's 9 minutes and my short timespan can't listen to the whole track more than once. Futura Free represents Frank Ocean's life before the fame. It tells about him working minimum wage jobs to driving super cars, then stops. A moment later, it returns to a day in Frank's life where he's hanging out with friends and his brother. But that's just me though and i'm probably spewing out bullshit.

Choosing my most favorite track from this album is the hardest choice ever, there are so many songs that I love and can consider to be my favorite. But, if I have to choose only one track, it's Nights. The part with the guitar then the beat switch makes me ascend to another dimension. I don't care what you all think if Nights is the best track in Blonde. The second and third favorite tracks from this album is Ivy & Pink + White, it was either Ivy or Nights and I choose Nights. Ivy is a song about Frank Ocean remembering a past relationship and being consumed by it. Pink + White details of someone close to him from his youth who passed away. Frank remembers this person and recalls lessons they taught to him.

I don't have that much to say about Blonde, all I could say was it was a rollercoaster of emotions and I wish I can relive the experience of listening to this album for the first time. Blonde would be somewhere on a Top 5 List if I've ever made one. I could've said some bullshit about the tracks and that it's not deep but I don't care. It's really an album that I consider, perfect.

# Title Runtime
1 Nikes 5:14
2 Ivy 4:09
3 Pink + White 3:04
4 Be Yourself 1:26
5 Solo 4:17
6 Skyline To 3:04;
7 Self Control 4:09
8 Good Guy 1:06
9 Nights 5:07
10 Solo (Reprise) 1:18
11 Pretty Sweet 2:38
12 Facebook Story 1:08
13 Close To You 1:25
14 White Ferrari 4:08
15 Seigfried 5:34
16 Godspeed 2:57
17 Futura Free 9:24